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Cordoba, a city that dazzles with its multiple manifestations of ancient civilizations, is reflected in its monuments and traditions as visible signs that penetrate the soul of its neighbors and of all those who visit.

Cordoba is also reflected in its “Patios”, great exaltation of lights and colors in which the soul Cordoba is displayed. As Miguel Salcedo Hierro states, “the Patio is sacred, further than cultivation, what receives is cult.”

Flowers as gitanillas, bergenias, carnations, chifleros, cintas, jasmines, lilies, pilistras, camellias, hydrangeas, petunias and roses weave floral cloaks, offering to the visitors real multicolor havens of peace.

Walking through its streets, love to tradition and flowers is perceived thanks to the denizens of the Patios, who evince it for the delight of our senses.