The richness of Cordoba

The richness of Cordoba

Good morning!

With this post we inaugurate the blog of Become Cordoba.

Throughout the days we will be commenting on interesting things about this World City Heritage … Córdoba!

Its origins are lost in time … in the eighth century b.C. the first settlement of the city is created. With the arrival of the Phoenicians and Greeks to the peninsula, Córdoba is reaffirmed as mining and commercial center thanks to the navigability of the Guadalquivir integrating the city with the main cities. In the Middle Ages it was the admiration of Europe.

A quiet stroll through the streets of Cordoba is a time-travel from one era to another. Its historic center is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. The absolute star is the “Mezquita-Catedral” (actual Cathedral, settled in a very impressive Mosque) considered the most important Islamic monument in the West, the mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements form a unique architectural ensemble.

Taking a walk around the old town you will reach the “Alcázar” (palace and royal fortress) of the Christian Monarchs, the Jewish Quarter or the “Plaza de la Corredera” (Corredera Square).

Do not miss this opportunity to visit “Medina Azahara” ancient khalifa city, the Courtyards, the Roman Bridge, May Fair, bars and flamenco venue.

We are waiting for you!!

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